What do you want from your perfect, well-behaved dog? Do you want your dog to listen to you, no matter where you are?  Imagine having a dog that people compliment you on,  because he behaves so well. Your dog can:

  • Walk calmly by your side.
  • Sit patiently while you eat at a sidewalk cafe.
  • Be friendly to other dogs and people.
  • Respond to your cues, even in a crowd.

Our Urban Manners program teaches your dog all the basics you need for a well-behaved dog. A simple command like Come can save your dog’s life, if he’s running towards a busy street. And you’ll use it every day when it’s time to go for a walk.

The Leave it Command will stop your dog from picking up dangerous items on the sidewalk. Or from stealing food off your dinner table.

Loose-leash walking saves you from years of being pulled along behind your dog.

Enjoy life with your dog more, by teaching him some Urban Manners.

 I can teach you how to train your dog through private lessons, or I can train your dog for you with day training.


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