Set Your Puppy Up for Success Program

What do you want for your puppy?

  • You want him to be well socialized (behave around other dogs, and in all types of situations)
  • You want him to be house-trained (going on cue during a snow storm is a bonus!)
  • You want him to have good manners (sit in the elevator, lie down while you eat at a sidewalk cafe)
  • You want him to walk nicely on leash, without pulling, and stay by your side in a crowd.

Rob and Roxie – Puppy Day Training


If you’re preparing your home for the arrival of your puppy I suggest you add on the Pre-Puppy Prep visit.

  • Puppy proof your home
  • Go over all the products you need before the big day
  • Work out a house-training schedule
  • Make plans for the very first day you bring your puppy home. And that first night!


If you’re getting a puppy, it’s never too early to start socializing.  Puppy brains are programmed to soak in everything, almost fearlessly, until they’re 12-16 weeks old.  Properly expose them to people, sounds, rainy weather, car ride. Teach him to be comfortable alone in your home, and the right way to play with other dogs.  Soon their brains will change, and they will pass through a fear period where frightening exposure to new things can have a lasting effect. With proper, early exposure you can set up your puppy for a great life.

Socializing your puppy – Why later is too late




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