If your dog pulls on the leash, or jumps on you, of course you don’t like that behavior, but it’s considered a training issue, not a behavioral problem. Obedience training problems are addressed in my Urban Manners program.  During the Initial Consultation, and based on the background information you give me, I can determine if your dog needs a behavioral modification or obedience training.

These are some of the issues I can address with a behavioral modification program.

  • Barking &/or lunging at dogs or people during walks (Reactivity)
  • Barking &/or whining at home (Impulse control, possible Separation Anxiety)
  • Extreme possessiveness over toys or food  (Resource Guarding)
  • Excessive chewing &/or destruction of property (possible Separation Anxiety)
  • Barking &/or lunging at people entering your home (Frustrated Greeter, Reactivity)


DOG – DOG AGGRESSION (aka Reactivity)

Does your dog bark and lunge at every dog he sees? Do you hate taking your dog out for a walk? Let’s make a change. I can teach you how to have a relaxing walk, where you don’t have to worry about running into another dog. You can go back to enjoying your daily walks, like everyone else.

I’ll show you how to use classical conditioning. By giving your dog his favorite food, at the exact moment when he sees another dog*, he will begin to associate other dogs with a wonderful feeling. This will make a change in his brain (like Pavlov’s dog and the bell). He will begin to see other dogs, and think “I’m about to get my favorite food”. And then he’ll begin to like other dogs.

*Note: This exercise begins when the dog is below threshold, far away from the other dog, at a point where he is comfortable, and not barking or lunging.

View testimonial from Zoe, whose dog Stella was reactive towards dogs.



It’s such a simple thing to ask for. You want to be able to walk out your front door, without worrying about your dog. You want to come home without seeing  your belongings destroyed. You don’t want to get complaints about barking from your neighbors.

If your dog is suffering, it affects your whole life. There are different forms of Separation Anxiety. I can help you figure out which type he has, and develop a behavior modification program. If necessary, we will consult a Veterinary Behaviorist to see if medication is needed. There are medications that will not sedate your dog, or turn him into a zombie. They will simply relax him, and enable the behavioral modification program to work.

View testimonial from Kristi B., who I’m working with on her dog Wallace’s Separation Anxiety.


Wallace – Separation Anxiety


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