Like many other dog trainers, I started studying dog training when my Border Collie Gracie developed behavioral problems. I had always loved training, but when Gracie was struggling, it affected both of our lives. While learning how to help her, I learned the science behind dog behavior, and began going to dog training conferences, seminars and workshop to find out how to treat all kinds of behaviors.


When she was about one and a half years old she began barking and lunging at other dogs during walks. It was embarrassing, and sometimes frightening. I started to dread taking her out for walks. It was fascinating finding out why she was behaving that way, and wonderful knowing her behavior could change.  Watching her learn to like other dogs was a great feeling that I wanted to share with others.


Gracie is older now, and has been through a lot. Every challenge she has, gives me a deeper understanding for what my clients go through. I have a strong desire to help people because I know that change is possible. I have experienced many of the things they are facing. I know how much they want to have a “normal” dog.


I am a proud member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professionals Guild. These organizations strive to create high scientific and ethical standards in a currently unregulated industry. I support their efforts and strive to meet or exceed their expectations. I’m a firm believer that you never stop learning, so I’m constantly involved in continuing education via professional conferences and seminars.


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