As a Manhattan dog trainer, I try out a lot of dog products. Some have become essentials that I recommend them to every client.



Living in Manhattan you see many dogs pulling their owners along the sidewalk. Training is essential, of course, but the right harness can go a long way in helping your stop your dog from pulling.

Balance Harness – Each strap can be adjusted, individually.  It works as a no-pull harness (front hook) or regular harness (back hook).
It doesn’t chafe under the dog’s front legs, because it’s so adjustable.

Perfect Fit Harness – Thick fleece is between the webbing and the dog, so it feels like a comfy slipper. It comes in three pieces, and each piece comes in more than ten sizes. You combine the pieces to find the absolute perfect fit for any shape dog.


Learning body language is an essential part of dog training. These apps are two of the best and easiest ways to learn what your dog and the dogs you encounter on the Manhattan streets are feeling. Dog fights are very preventable, once you know how to read canine body language.

Dog Park Assistant – iTunes

Dog Decoder –  iTunes 




Many problem behaviors in urban environments are caused by boredom.  Exercise and mental stimulation can go a long way in preventing and curing common issues like barking and separation anxiety.

Flirt Pole



Tricky Treat Ball



Bark Pouch

Purina Beyond Food Topper

Great Bait

Lamb Lung