• Do you wish your dog would listen better? I can help you get a focused dog who pays attention every time, no matter where you are.
  • Is life with your dog stressful?  I want to change that, and give you the joy you dreamed of when you got a dog.
  • Do you struggle with training your dog? I want to make training fun for you. Or if you prefer, I can take over the training and do most of the work.

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Behavior Problems

I know how it feels to have a dog with behavior problems. I’ve been there, and I want to help. Do you enjoy walking your dog? If the answer is no, let’s talk. Whether it’s barking at other dogs, or pulling, there are simple, fun solutions.

Puppy Training

Start training your puppy as soon as you get him*, and you can prevent many behavior issues (Separation Anxiety, aggression, fear).

Puppy Training

Puppy Training clients Rob & Roxie

*You can and should start training your puppy before he’s had all his shots. We will start indoors, and always work with your veterinarian to keep him safe.

Puppies can learn leash walking and other exercises as early as 8 weeks old, and the socialization window closes at approximately 12 weeks.  Teach them to be comfortable alone in your home, and the right way to play with other dogs.  With proper, early exposure you can set up your puppy for a great life.

Urban Manners

A simple command like Come can save your dog’s life, if he’s running towards a busy street. The Leave it Command will keep him from picking up dangerous items on the sidewalk. Loose-leash walking saves you from years of being pulled along behind your dog.



At Graceful Canine I use only positive reinforcement, including food, toys and praise. Positive training produces quick results that will last a lifetime, without future bad consequences.


or call 917-524-6419 to tell me about your dog!