Have more fun with your dog, and less stress.

I can help you have the dog of your dreams.

Is your home chaotic because of a new puppy? I will bring calm to the chaos.

Let me help you set up your home (and yourselves) before your new puppy arrives, with the Puppy Prep session. We’ll puppy-proof your home and have all the house-training supplies ready. Talk about what to do the very first night, first impressions are very important.

If you already have a puppy, time for some Puppy Manners. I will address all the typical puppy nuisances, chewing, nipping, house-training, and zoomies while you’re on Zoom. We’ll also work on the important socialization. More than meeting other dogs and people, early environmental exposure is essential to a well rounded adult dog.

TIP: Socialization includes teaching your puppy that it’s okay to be home alone. That car rides are fun, thunder is not scary. Grooming and having your nails trimmed is no big deal. Different places, sounds, surfaces and weather are not scary. You can prevent many problems with proper socialization. It’s never too early to start.

Does your dog jump on people, bark, or embarrass you? You deserve a well mannered dog, who can go anywhere, and relax.

You can have a dog that walks by your side and doesn’t pull with Urban Manners. A dog that comes when you  call. A dog that “leaves it” when there’s a piece of chicken on the sidewalk. You neighbors will envy how well behaved your dog is. Your dog will enjoy training because it’s positive reinforcement. And you will too, because you’ll see how happy your dog is, and you’ll see quick results.

Does your dog bark and lunge at everything? Did your perfect puppy change as he grew up? I will help you get back to normal. If life with your dog is stressful, I want to help. 

Whether your dog came to you with challenges, or developed challenges as she grew up, I can help with Behavior Solutions. I know how it feels to have a dog with behavior problems. I’ve been there, and I want to help. Do you enjoy walking your dog? If the answer is no, let’s talk.  Fear, and dog – dog reactivity (aggression) are specialties, as they’re very common in NYC.

What methods do I use?
At Graceful Canine Dog Training I use only Positive Reinforcement. This involves using rewards to train. Telling the dog “This is what I want you to do” and setting them up for success.
Why Positive Reinforcement?
    • It works.
    • It’s fun.
    • Your dog will love it.
Example:  if you don’t want the dog to jump on strangers, you teach the dog to keep all four paws on the ground when meeting someone. You don’t wait for the dog to jump on someone, and then punish him for doing it. The dog is happier when he knows what you want him to do. And it works for everything from teaching a puppy to sit, to the most aggressive dogs.

Text or call 917-524-6419 to tell me about your dog.